The sign human is used by the Heptapods in the film Arrival for referring to ‘human’. To me, it expresses the tactile and ethereal beauty of communicating language through visible signs. It encapsulates my work on technologies of text and writing; writing systems; and typography.

As part of my research on technologies of text, I actively expand support for the world’s writing systems in The Unicode Standard. I enable the basic foundations for the creation, exchange, display, and processing of digital text, from the earliest pictographs to those of the present (= emoji), and all of the alphabets, abugidas, and abjads in between. My goal is to ensure, one day, that the input, display, and exchange of text in any script, from all parts of the globe, across all temporal frames, is as digitally native as the English text that I typed and, which you are now reading.

This repository contains documents related to my contributions to The Unicode Standard. I hope my work has thus far been of some benefit to the textual and linguistic past, present, and future of human.