As a language technologist I have a passion for enabling communication across digital platforms. I pursue this interest by building the essential data foundations that enable the creation and interchange of visual language — in other words: scripts, ‘alphabets’, writing systems. For more than a decade, I have worked to expand Unicode, the international standard for the representation of writing systems on computers. My goal is to one day enable all languages and scripts of the world — past and present — to be just as accessible and digitally native as the text you are reading now.

This repository is a summary of my Unicode projects. It contains a bibliography of my script-encoding documents and acknowledgment of the support I have received for my contributions. Notes I have compiled on various scripts are available in the blog.

The sign human, shown in the banner, is used by the Heptapods in the film Arrival for designating ‘human’. Although my work is a bit more earthly than what Amy Adams’s character Louise Banks has to handle in Arrival, I hope that my efforts have some lasting benefit for the linguistic and social future of human.