Summary of Google Research Award

My post-doc position at Berkeley is funded by a Google Research Award, granted to the Script Encoding Initiative. The projects defined in the initial scope for this award are:

Script Proposal Comment
Diwani Siyaq Numbers L2/15-066R Submitted. To be unified with ‘Arabic Siyaq Numbers’
Dogra L2/15-234R Approved for encoding: U+11800..1184F
Hanifi Rohingya L2/15-278 Final proposal submitted
Indic Siyaq Numbers L2/15-121R2 Approved for encoding: U+1EC70..1ECBF
Masaram Gondi L2/15-090R Approved for encoding: U+11D00..11D5F
Nandinagari L2/16-002 Final proposal submitted
Ottoman Siyaq Numbers L2/15-072R2 Submitted. To be unified with ‘Arabic Siyaq Numbers’
Pau Cin Hau Syllabary L2/16-014 Revised code chart
Persian Siyaq Numbers L2/15-122 Final proposal submitted
Ranjana L2/16-015 Approach to a unified encoding for Ranjana and Lantsa
Soyombo L2/15-004R Approved for encoding: U+11A50..11AAF

The following additional projects were also completed:

Script Proposal Comment
Arabic Siyaq Numbers L2/16-017 Submitted for review
Devanagari AY L2/15-335 Approved for encoding
Gujarati signs for transliterating Arabic L2/15-103
Kulitan L2/15-232 Discussion of encoding model
Gunjala Gondi L2/15-235 Approved for encoding: U+11D60..11DAF
Makasar L2/15-233 Approved for encoding: U+11EE0..11EFF
Old Sogdian L2/15-089R Preliminary proposal
Soyombo JIHVAMULIYA and UPADHMANIYA L2/15-331 Submitted for review
Soyombo PLUTA L2/16-016 Approved for encoding
Syriac letters for Garshuni Malayalam L2/15-156 Approved for encoding: U+0860..086F
Unification of ‘Diwani’ and ‘Ottoman’ Siyaq Numbers L2/15-340 Submitted for review
Zanabazar Square (revision) L2/15-337 Approved for encoding
Zanabazar Square double-lined head marks L2/15-341 Approved for encoding
Zanabazar Square SUBJOINER L2/15-342 Approved for encoding

A grant from the Henry Luce Foundation to SEI made possible a meeting with experts of Mongolian scripts, held October 15-17, 2015 in Tokyo. The following reports on the Soyombo and Zanabazar Square script were produced in relation to the meeting: