An inscription in the Khudawadi script

Posted on Wed 01 September 2010 in unicode

The Landa-based scripts of Sindh were generally not used for much more than routine writing and general commercial activity. Michel Boivin of L’École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS), Paris, recently sent me photographs that show the use of the Khudawadi script in an inscription.

Below is a photograph of a Khudawadi inscription in an ex-voto at the shrine of Udero Lal in Hyderabad, Sindh:


The image below shows the detail of the Khudawadi inscription:


In addition to Khudawadi, this ex-voto has inscriptions in four other scripts: Latin, Devanagari, Arabic, and Gurmukhi.

A proposal to encode Khudawadi in the Unicode standard is being prepared.